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Jul 10, 2017

: Episode 854 - Vinnie and Anna talk about what condiments work with NSNG, Anna's homemade mayo recipe, violent vegans, the huge amount of feedback from the What the Health podcast, training in a sauna and more.


  • Pure Vitamin Club
  • Villa Cappelli
  • Green Grocer
  • Thrive Market


  • Matt Kelly, the guy who does our intro, has a PREMIER radio voice
  • Vinnie and Adam don't do a special voice
    • They just sound like themselves!
  • Who would want Vinnie's voice, anyway?


  • People commented tons on the podcast on
  • Vinnie did two shows on this doc so he could get into the nitty gritty (which he did with Nicole)
  • Point is, it's all BS
  • People in FB group talking about it a lot
  • Vinnie will combat this documentary any way he can 


  • Condiments can be tricky because many have sugar in them
    • For example, ketchup is a sugar bomb
  • Sriracha also often has high fructose corn syrup
  • Worcester sauce often has soy sauce in it
    • Lea and Perrin's has sugar but it's not awful 
  • Soy sauce has wheat in it
  • You can find some sugar free mustards
  • Making mayo at home can keep bad oils out of it
  • Anna has good condiment recipes in her cookbook 
  • Look for sneaky sugar words and bad oils in your condiment ingredients