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Apr 22, 2019

: Episode 1304 - Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk the importance of education, the dangers of credit card debt, aerobic activity, over-involvement in politics, medical ripoffs, the amazing talent of Richard Pryor, and more on this Monday show.


Apr 21, 2019

: Episode 1303 - Gina Grad joins Vinnie for this new Sunday School episode, and the two talk her new podcast Easy Listening, other great podcasts, cars and engines, good movies, driving safely, Stella's recovery and Lola's passing, being active at the gym, and more.


Apr 20, 2019

: Episode 1302 - This week we look at an old, important show that tackles one of the biggest concerns for many NSNG®ers.  What does it mean if you're losing inches not pounds? If you like old shows like this, make sure to buy access to every old show through the website! Check back tomorrow for an Easter show, and next...

Apr 19, 2019

: Episode 1301 - On this Friday show, Nelson Dellis, US memory champion, joins Vinnie and the two talk Nelson's experience as a mountaineer, learning how to remember, his book Remember It!, the connection between memory and brain health, and more on this fantastic podcast.


Apr 17, 2019

: Episode 1300 - In honor of Vinnie and Andy's being on the road this past week, we are throwing it back to a show from last year which was recorded while the two were traveling for business. Vinnie has had quite the hectic schedule between finalizing a distribution deal for the Fat Doc, taking care of Stella (she...