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Apr 24, 2017

: Episode 803 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie today and the two discuss music, the Silver State 508 with Chris Kostman, weird race hallucinations, mountain bikes, and more!



  • Chris sold the race to two guys in San Diego
  • It was so expensive to put on 
  • Chris Kostman was the youngest guy to compete in RAM and held that record for a long time
  • He and Vinnie are good friends now
  • This is a super hard race, but a fantastic one!
  • You can also do a 4 man team
    • Lots of those teams, more than solo


  • In ultra sports, competitors often experience hallucinations
  • Running or biking, you start to see things on your route
  • Can be scary or just plain strange
  • Vinnie and Serena have both experienced this, cycling and running, respectively 
    • Vinnie would see animals up ahead that really were not there 
    • Chris had this experience when he was not eating well, eating too much sugar, and he would see weird stuff
      • He had tactile hallucinations
  • Also stories of people being convinced that their crews are making them ride or run in circles 
    • One guy with less than 10 miles left had this problem and threw in the towel 
  • People really do lose their minds when they become sleep deprived
    • The brain really does need the time to rewire itself




Vinnie's factory bike:

Specialized S-Works Fuse 6Fattie

Specialized S-Works Fuse 6Fattie