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Sep 27, 2017

: Episode 905 - Vinnie talks with Andy about his love of Vince Lombardi and the hard-ass philosophy that Vinnie lives by which is both a benefit and a curse.



  • Vinnie has always been a huge Vince Lombardi fan
  • Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect
    • Make accountability even if it is not imposed otherwise
      • Andy became a great piano player this way!
  • Vinnie works hard, never takes a day off because of success
    • How he got out of the bayou, how he played college football at his side, how he got to LA, and how he has started businesses and created a brand
    • Now when Vinnie takes days off, it is usually for Serena
    • For years and years he would go to bed past midnight and wake up at 4:30am
  • In Vinnie's mind, there is no finish line
    • Like NSNG - it is a permanent lifestyle change
  • You can't do things right once in awhile, you have to do them right all the time

Look for the live Kansas City show from the meet-up soon!