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Apr 26, 2017

: Episode 804 - Andy joins Vinnie this Wednesday to discuss Specialized bikes, the fallibility of some vegan doctors, and more!



  • Vinnie has a bike from Specialized
    • The BEST Mountain Bikes
  • One of the guys who helped hooked Vinnie up with the bike follows Vinnie's way of eating
  • Two guys from Specialized are going to be on the show at some point, they also use PVC 
    • Sean Estes 
  • Mountain Bike guys understand the connection with the bike to the ground


  • Just to be clear, Vinnie works with a lot of vegans whom he likes very much
    • He just doesn't like the "bro" vegans 
  • There are doctors who say eggs and meat will cause diabetes, other health issues
  • A lot of vegan doctors are full of lies without real claims
    • Jimmy Moore once challenged a vegan doctor, and the doctor just ran him over 
  • Nutrition easily becomes conflated
  • Vinnie can't tell if some vegans are trolling him or not
  • Ethical veganism makes sense!
    • Nutritional veganism is often not supported by science