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May 26, 2019

: Episode 1328 - Gina Grad and Vinnie Tortorich co-host this Sunday School episode, and the two talk meeting fans in person, college vs. vocational work and finding your calling, "Easy Listening", vaccinations, Jillian Michaels, cancer, and more.



  • Vinnie has met a number of podcast/FB group fans
  • He has met several podcast listeners on Mt. Baldy recently
    • Trina was killing it when they met hiking
  • The weirdest one was a captain in the next plane over
  • Usually happens at airports, sometimes at gyms or on hikes


  • Measles had been eradicated
  • Now it's coming back
  • Herd immunity is important for eradication 
  • Vinnie says you should check with your doctor to see if you need to vaccinate again
    • Going to talk to Dr. Drew about this
  • Wants to make sure he doesn't catch anything in Europe, as well