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Oct 23, 2015

Dr. Jason Fung speaks with Vinnie Tortorich on today's Angriest Trainer podcast concerning the effects of diet and insulin.



  • Kidney specialist 
  • Works often with type 2 diabetics -- biggest cause of kidney nephropathy
    • Type 2 linked closely with obesity 
    • Insulin has negative effects 
  • Visit his website here 


  • People all on tons of meds
  • All have a sugary drink and some awful food in their hands


  • Obesity links tons of diseases together
  • Dr. Fung started by asking: What causes obesity?
  • The Aetiology of Obesity Lectures 
  • Sugar is the enemy, not calories 
    • When you eat less calories, your energy expenditure (and thus fat/fuel usage) goes down 
      • You simply get hungrier
  • Takes time to lose the weight 
  • Cortisol is a stress hormone -- encourages getting fat
  • Leptin -- produced by fat cells, regulates how much fat is in the body
    • If you have lots of fat, leptin is released and tells your brain to stop gaining more weight
    • When you are quite fat, your body stops responding to leptin 
    • Secondary hormone -- doesn't pass the causal test 
    • Ghrelin is another one of these secondary hormones
      • No lasting effect so doesn't pass the causal test 


  • People always ask Vinnie about IM fasting
  • Intermittent fasting should happen every day
    • 3 meals a day -- fast in between
    • literal "break - fast" 
  • Snacks don't allow your body to process everything 
    • Shorter fasts are not enough 
    • Insulin levels not sustainably down 
  • We obsess to much about what we are eating, we need to think about when we are eating