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Jul 25, 2015

Welcome to the Saturday edition of the Angriest Trainer podcast, where Vinnie Tortorich answers listener questions from today's guest, Scott Cumer!



  • You'd stop riding for the day, go to dinner, etc
  • See people still coming in after dinner, the next day, the back of the packers (which Scott identifies himself as)
  • They always finish and always have fun and are the ones who tend to be overweight
    • exercise is not the best way to lose weight


  • Scott is only a month and a half in, he will become more fat adapted and improve further 
  • How does he get better while running?
    • continue to trickle a little sugar (if necessary) [pocket fuel]
    • accept that you might need a little help from sugar in exercise and races 
  • It is not a quick fix-- everyone is different and needs little different things
  • Grocery shopping will always be "from the outside"
  • Oils and fats are good in places while working out 
  • US Wellness Meat is good while training 

Check out Scott's podcast, Ten Junk Miles!