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Aug 26, 2017

: Episode 884 - Vinnie talks to listener Lisa who has an absolutely fascinating life story and shares her battle with using weight as form of emotional protection...



  • Lives in NYC!
    • Brooklyn
  • Mostly Italian, but also an eighth Cuban
    • People can still rag on Italians!
      • Only group where you can still do that
  • Found Vinnie through Adam Carolla 
  • Both of her parents checked out when she was young
    • Her dad earlier, then her mom was really messed up too
    • She always had to help her parents, not the other way around 
    • Lisa learned from a young age how to be self sufficient 
  • She used to do phone sex for money
    • Also was a clown
    • Ended up going over to office work!
  • Lisa lived on her own on government money for awhile
  • Lisa learned how to use her weight as protection


  • Lisa is now NSNG
  • She has learned how to no longer use food for emotional protection
    • She is comfortable with herself, weight is no longer her blanket
  • Good support for not using lbs as a protection on the NSNG Facebook page
  • A lot of people have sabotaged their good progress as a result of abuse
    • Self-sabotaging is pretty common but once you overcome it will feel so much better!
  • Now, Lisa has lost a bunch and has made real progress
  • Don't be afraid to make a change
    • Easier said than done, but do it one day at a time
  • On NSNG, you can eat food, you just can't eat BAD foods!