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Mar 29, 2019

; Episode 1286 - Maria Emmerich joins Vinnie this Friday, and the two talk Maria's family, Maria's work, that the keto diet is the happy diet, whales, how she found her passion for nutrition and helping others, the adoption process, and more on this fantastic podcast!



  • Maria is a nutritionist
    • Specializes in ketogenic diet and exercise physiology
    • Struggled with weight when she was young - led her to this!
      • About twice her current size at 16
    • Her focus is on mental wellness through eating right 
  • Helps lots of people with auto immune disorders, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, etc.
  • Suffered from PCOS herself
    • Told she may not be able to have kids (she has adopted two amazing children since!)
    • Thought part of it was from caffeine 
      • Realized it was from carbs and the like 
  • Found nutrition through her dog
    • Her dog was losing hair, and the first question her vet asked was "what are you feeding her?"
      • The answer was crap, lots of carbs and grains
      • Changed her dog's and her diet and both of them felt much better
  • The keto diet is the happy diet
  • Like Vinnie, she does phone and Skype consults - make sure to check them out!
  • Lots of best selling books and recipes!
  • Her husband tested positive for Lyme 
    • Had it for years before he realized it



Check out Maria's amazing whale video here ^ !!!