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Nov 22, 2017

: Episode 941 - Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie Tortorich this Wednesday to discuss the genesis of their new company, Pure Coffee Club.



  • Andy and Vinnie have been working on this project for some time
  • After PVC, they figured they could make other high quality products, like coffee
    • Vinnie is a huge coffee fan
      • Born drinking coffee
  • Check out the link above for brand new products
  • Three roasts released thus far:
    • House Blend
      • Great everyday blend
      • Flagship
    • Athletic
      • A good, energizing blend
      • Highly caffeinated beans that still tastes good
      • Won't make you feel jittery
    • Honey 
      • Distinctive, sweeter taste without the sugar or chemicals
      • A certain method of processing the beans allows for this taste
      • Single origin
    • Vinnie and Andy crafted these roasts themselves
  • Vinnie learned how to roast coffee himself to create the right flavor profiles
    • Coffee beans from all over the world
      • South America, North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, New Zealand
        • Ethically sourced
  • Andy had to learn how to smell all the different flavor profiles and correctly identify them
    • Went to Costa Rica, worked with suppliers and the whole shabang
  • This coffee, just like PVC, is high quality for an affordable price delivered straight to your door
  • Our website will allow you option to give to at checkout on the website, and PCC will match that contribution 
    • This is a great org that we truly support