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Oct 25, 2017

: Episode 923 - Vinnie and Pure Coffee Club Co-Founder and CEO Andy Schreiber talk about the fine art of coffee cupping (tasting) and the extreme measures they have taken to create perfect high-end coffee roasts that are different from any other coffee company's offerings.



  • For those of you who aren't aware, Andy and Vinnie started a coffee company
  • Check it out here
    • Launching soon!
  • They are releasing three awesome roasts
    • All very different, delicious and unique!
    • Two blends, one single origin 
    • Beans coming from all over the world
      • Africa, North America, South America
  • Vinnie and Andy have been traveling a ton trying to perfect their roasts, discover good blends
    • They are very serious about what is in their products
      • No white labeling
  • To taste the roasts they think up, they do something called "coffee cupping"
    • The wine tasting of coffee
    • Aerate the coffee, take a slurp, swish it around and spit it out
    • The high end people were impressed by Vinnie's sophisticated palate