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Oct 1, 2018

: Episode 1159 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie Tortorich this Monday (recorded on Vinnie's birthday!), the two talk carb and protein pre-workout myths, Vinnie's workout routine, Weight Watchers' new advertising BS, and more.



  • Eating carbs before a workout is not necessary
  • Vinnie will have four or five egg yolks before a big work out
    • That's plenty!
    • He gets rid of the egg white because the protein can affect blood ketone levels
  • If you're NSNG, you don't need the carbs before or during a big exercise
  • That we need so much protein before a workout is also a myth
    • Especially if you're getting some protein for lunch afterwards


  • Vinnie is going more for endurance than for the extreme
  • He doesn't do anything too crazy
  • LOTS of warmups and getting loose, especially if you are stiff like Vinnie is because of his injury history
  • Then, he'll move into squats or deadlifts
  • If you have so much weight that you can't do 8 reps, you should TAKE OFF weight


  • They changed their name to WW Freestyle
  • It's their new branding
  • "Weight Watchers" makes people think of their parents and bland diets
  • "Don't have to track or measure" everything anymore
  • Still eating sugars and grains
    • Won't help your metabolic issues
  • It's still calorie-in calorie-out
  • They maybe are reducing carbs a little, but it's still low-fat and medium-to-high carb
  • Not good for you, and not sustainable
  • Really have not done anything but change the name