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Nov 27, 2014

Vinnie is very excited about today’s guest, Sean Stellato, who had a college and pro career in football and four years in Division 1 basketball. Originally from Boston, Sean went to Salem High School in the early 90‘s. He is the author of the book, "No Backing Down” which tells the true and compelling story of Sean’s life. He was told he was too short and too small to play sports and how he discovered that with a good work ethic, no one can ever “outwork” you. It is about doing the right thing and never giving up.

Where It Began

  • In his sophmore year at Salem High School, Sean was a kicker on his team.
  • His team had just lost the championship, and Sean walked into legendary Coach Ken Perron’s office and said to him “If you give me the football and let me be starting quarterback next year, I will lead our team to the Super Bowl  
  • Sean Stellato was 5’6” and 130 lbs soaking wet  
  • Sean got the nod as co-starter and over the next year grew 2” and put on 20 pounds of muscle

What Happened

  • During Sean’s junior year his team was 6 games into the season and undefeated, when the teacher’s strike at his high school, Salem, started...the weekend they were getting ready to play Swampscott HS
  •  Coach Perron knew if he crossed the picket line, he could lose his job.
  • The players had to break into the school to get their equipment...these were kids with personal tragedies and football was their escape
  • The police and news stations showed up...Coach Perron was handed a “Cease and Desist
  • He looked at it and said, “Boy’s, let’s play ball”

Modern Witch Hunt Began

  • The school superintendent went on the local news that night and accused the coach of starting a football cult
  • The team had a police escort into the Swampscott game
  • On national television with 12,000 attendees
  • Salem wins in the final seconds in a dramatic fashion

Life After High School

  • Sean played football for Marist College
  • He played pro-ball for Arena Football for 2 years
  • He knew he wanted to get married and have children and decided to be a sports agent  
  • Today he has his own company, Stellato Enhanced Sports (SES)