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Apr 27, 2016

Episode 591 : Vinnie Tortorich and Andy Schreiber host this Wednesday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast to discuss saving lives with NSNG, and listener Jody's journey. 



  • Vinnie doesn't snack terribly often, but when he does, it is always NSNG
  • Loves a handful of nuts or some salami 
  • There are some Donald Trump supporters who are not Fried Twinky Eaters ...
    • Although neither Vinnie nor Andy support Trump nor will they, they do have friends and fans who do who are healthy and educated


  • Listener Jody started dieting on January 1, 2015, was 6'2 and 325lbs+ 
  • Quit drinking beer and was watching calorie intake
  • Stalled at 285 in July 2015
    • Thought he was destined to be fat
  • Heard Vinnie on Chris Laxamana's show and started listening to this podcast
  • Jody stopped counting calories and started dropping lbs
    • Read all the books Vinnie recommends
  • He is now, thanks to Vinnie & NSNG, down to 215 and sees under 200 in his future
  • Vinnie & NSNG both changed AND saved his life 
  • These stories are the reasons why Vinnie podcasts and works in the public eye
  • Hear Jody on an upcoming Wednesday show!