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Oct 28, 2017

: Episode 925 - MindPump podcaster, Personal Trainer and former gym owner Sal DiStefano joins Vinnie to talk about debunking the myths that the fitness industry perpetuates, wellness being more that just diet/exercise, and that people often choose to be victims with their health.



  • Italian, like Vinnie, but much younger and more attractive
    • Italians raise families by committee
  • Unfortunately, ladies, he has a girlfriend
  • Sal sees many people attempting to be victims
    • It is a powerful and overused tool, particularly regarding health
      • Makes you feel better to place blame on someone other than yourself
    • Sal does not blame unhealthiness on others
      • Take responsibility because you can do something about it!
        • Then, you can find empathy
      • Don't play the victim - it is often a cop out, even if the food industry is screwing us over!
        • That being said, nobody wants to be fat
          • The sugar and grains industry, and programs like Weight Watchers steal people's good intentions
            • However, there is always something to do about it 
            • Vinnie saw this happening in the film industry, particularly to children in the entertainment business
  • Has the MindPump podcast
    • Vinnie has appeared on this podcast!
    • Check it out because it is a great podcast and talks more about all of this stuff