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May 29, 2019

: Episode 1330 - Vinnie Tortorich and Andy Schreiber talk putting too much life into living but getting back onto the NSNG® horse on this Wednesday show.



  • Everyone makes mistakes, Vinnie included
  • Vinnie went off of NSNG® a bit too much and is paying for it
  • When he went to Virginia, he over indulged, overdid the LIL
    • Lots of family in town, parties, etc.
    • Worked out a bit less, though he did get to kayak with Dave Dolak for several hours!
  • Had some awful pizza, too
    • The sugar and grains just doesn't taste as good
  • Now he is dealing with the left over pain
    • Especially after training so hard without any carbs, sugar, or grains
  • His hands and ankles got so swollen
  • A little something here and there is too much
  • What's important, though, is that he got right back on the horse after he did this
  • He ate too many carbs that he couldn't even get a full night of sleep
  • He still managed to not totally fall out of ketosis, but fell a bit too hard so that it wasn't good for his health
  • Go straight back into full NSNG®
  • Taken him awhile to feel back to normal, but he knows if he keeps it up, he'll be good to go soon