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May 27, 2019

: Episode 1329 - The wonderful Anna Vocino joins Vinnie for this Monday show, and the two talk yoked celebrities, putting on muscle mass later on in life, Vinnie's recent Virginia workout experience, having awareness of your body, and more.



  • Vinnie follows Sylvester Stallone on Instagram
    • He is 72ish years old
  • All of these guys looked amazing in their prime
    • Ripped to shreds 
  • Stallone is still looking really good
    • In phenomenal shape
  • Arnold looks even more ripped now than he did before 
  • These guys have had some involvement with steroids
  • The youngest guy, Van Damme, looks the lease shredded now


  • It is still super possible to gain lots of muscle after 40, 50, or 60 years of age
  • To see muscles, the fat has to be gone 
  • Don't worry about counting grams of protein or all of that
  • You don't need to use an app to count calories or any of that
  • You can bet that guys like Vinnie & Stallone don't use these apps
  • Use how you feel to figure out what you should do
    • Including, if your pants start feeling a little tight