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Nov 29, 2017

: Episode 946 - Certified Diabetes Educator Nicole Recine, RN, MSN helps put cholesterol numbers into perspective and explains the general approach she takes when interpreting the numbers.



  • Cholesterol is not a bad thing in and of itself
    • Cholesterol can go up on NSNG
      • Make sure you understand WHY before you assume it is bad 
  • There are many numbers within your general cholesterol number
    • Different particle types that make up cholesterol
  • LDL going up is not necessarily a bad thing
    • Pattern A (good, fluffy) better than Pattern B (bad, dense)
  • Unhealthy people tend to have very high triglycerides and very low HDL
    • This is when Nicole doesn't have the particle test to look at
  • Nicole is a cholesterol expert
    • Book a consult with her if you have questions
  • Your body will create cholesterol if you don't eat enough