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May 30, 2016

: Episode 610 - Anna Vocino co-hosts along with Vinnie Tortorich on this Monday show to discuss pre and post workout food, Vinnie's upcoming show, and more!



  • Vinnie will be speaking at the Pasadena Ice House
    • July 14th
    • 8:30 PM
    • "Vinnie Tortorich's Big Fat Show"
  • His speeches are all around the same subjects, yet they all vary and questions from audiences are always difference 
  • Buy Tickets Here
  • Anna performing on July 10
  • Anna's book will be out by July 5th


  • Usually Vinnie gets this questions from Gym Rats who have been taught silly "Bro Science"
    • One listener was told to take a drink that could increase lung capacity by 40%
      • This is BS 
    • If nootropics work for you, OK, but there are natural, better things that you can take
  • Coffee is an ergogenic 
    • Pro Athletes can only have so much coffee in them at one time because of the ergogenic aid
  • Don't buy into the bro-science hype
    • It won't help you if it isn't a steroid or a blood-doping drug, and if it is one of those, then it is going to hurt you!
  • Protein intake:
    • 1g/1lb of body weight is a CRAZY amount of protein
    • For a 225 athlete with 175lb lean body mass, maybe eat 100-120 lbs


  • Ever since Vinnie's childhood he had been exposed to the sun excessively 
  • He had to get some pre-cancer removed from arms and even his hip, although his hip doesn't see the sun
  • Lesions on his head too
  • Didn't use any numbing devices