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Jan 21, 2018

: Episode 980 - The wonderful Gina Grad joins Vinnie on this vinnie's sunday school episode. The two discuss growing up in Gina's household, bad nutrition, and a report about essentially poisonous fruit juice.



  • Gina loves nutrition now
  • Vinnie gave her the code, now she enjoys eating healthy and the like
  • Could eat ANYTHING without gaining any weight at all until college
    • At that point, particularly for women, the weight shows up
    • After that, she was off to the races
  • Continued to dig herself into a whole until she found Vinnie
    • Had gained 40 extra lbs at that point
    • Now looks, feels, and is better/healthier
  • Grew up in Wisconsin, her parents were heavy smokers
    • Both died young


  • Kids who drink fruit juice can face dramatic side effects
  • Can lead to gastrointestinal issues, malnutrition, abdominal distention, fatigue, sugar addiction, and more
  • Just because it says fruit on it does not mean it is healthy
  • Kids, ask your parents for LaCroix or something yummy but healthy like that
    • Good options, and you won't be hungry and tired and distracted like you will be from fruit juice alone
  • Adding water to fruit juice does not make it better