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May 26, 2017

: Episode 824 - Researcher, author, speaker and former vegetarian Zoë Harcombe PhD joins Vinnie to discuss how her extensive research on high-carb low fat (HCLF) diets turned up no evidence of their health benefits. In fact, just the opposite...



  • Obesity researcher
  • From the UK, a top researcher in the field
  • Wrote her thesis on dietary fat guidelines and how, quite frankly, they are BS
    • Study done poorly and to fit a narrative 
  • Dr. Harcombe holds three main tenets in regards to diet
    • Don't snack!
    • Limit carbs
    • Eat REAL food
  • Wants people to KNOW what they are putting into their bodies and what effects that food has
  • Obesity does NOT come from fat
    • Meta analyses prove this 
  • Humans did not eat grains or high contents of sugar until INCREDIBLY recently from an evolutionary perspective
  • Has many publications, makes appearances in the media