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Oct 30, 2017

: Episode 927 - Vinnie & Anna talk about Vinnie & Serena's terrible experience in an Apple store, Vinnie's introverted tendencies resulting from crazy people, preparing to hike Mt. Whitney, and people trying to game the coronary calcium scan...



  • Vinnie and Serena waited in the Apple store too long
    • Wanted a desktop
  • People were playing games on the computers they provide for customers to try out
    • Homeless people, people just looking at internet, etc.


  • Best way to prepare for these scans?
  • Try not to "game" the test
    • You don't want to beat it
    • You want it to give you honest results
    • Don't lie to yourself


  • Vinnie willing to climb with fans
  • You have to sign up for climbing pass
    • Pick two dates, get everyone in your party to sign up 
    • Chances are, only one of you will get the climbing passes for everyone
  • July is a tough month, particularly around the 4th 
  • You can hire Vinnie/arrange consults to train you to be ready for climbing
    • You have to be ready
  • He will just be someone else climbing with you guys
    • First come, first serve
  • Vinnie willing to do it 5 or 6 times next season 
    • He doesn't want to do it when it's too icy