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Sep 26, 2016

: Episode 678 -- Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich host this Monday show, and the two talk Vinnie's trip to Europe, Eat Happy, Nutella, Vinnie's radio show, wrongly blaming fat instead of sugar, and cholesterol.



  • Vinnie and Serena were in Europe for a week and a half or so
  • They started their trip in Oslo, Norway
  • Serena was at a Bond convention
  • It was Serena, a few other bond girls, and George Lazenby
  • Oslo is an incredibly expensive but amazing city!!!
  • Europeans all asked about Trump!
  • Also went to England and France for Serena's nieces wedding and to visit family
    • The French do not like Americans, and Vinnie didn't love the French
    • Wedding was absolutely phenomenal 
  • Ran in the French countryside 
  • Vinnie ate such amazing cheeses in France!
    • Put a bit of life into living (croissant) and regretted it
  • Got to go on the Chunnel 
    • English Channel Tunnel to France 


  • Buy the book here
  • Book can be bought overseas as well
    • Must get it through amazon.COM
  • Hard copy comes out TODAY!!!!
  • There is also an e-book version


  • Picture of baby with Nutella
  • Baby stuffing its face with Nutella
    • Nutella is essentially straight sugar
  • It is addicting and makes you feel bad 
  • The most unhealthy stuff on the planet


  • Vinnie now has a Sunday night radio show on KABC
  • It is also streamed live online
    • 7pm Pacific Time
    • Call in at 1-888-ABC-KABC (1888-222-5222)
  • Anna was on it last night 


  • New New York Times article
  • Read the article here
  • Sugar industry paid people off to blame saturated fats in the 1960s


  • A similar thing with cholesterol causing heart disease
    • People are so misinformed on cholesterol
    • When you get your cholesterol tested, you really need all your particle numbers and such 
      • Nicole Recine can likely look at your panels
      • Dr. Jeffrey Gerber also does this for a cost