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Sep 28, 2018

: Episode 1156 - Actor extraordinaire William Shewfelt discusses his role in Power Rangers, martial arts, overcoming eating disorders (when he was a vegan), ketogenic success, Vinnie's daily routine (or lack thereof), and more on this Friday show.



  • A star on the Power Rangers reboot
    • Mostly a children's show
    • Very campy
    • Some martial arts in there
  • Found the podcast through another podcast
    • Liked that it combined health and fitness with entertainment & the industry
  • He dropped out of college to act
    • Not always the best idea, but it worked out for him
  • Stays in ketosis most of the time, and probably eats a bit more protein
    • He has found amazing success with Zone 2!
  • Incredibly low body fat in this scan he did 
    • Not necessarily accurate 
    • These scans can be Bro Science 
      • Lowest most people are is 8%
  • William has a martial arts background
  • Had an eating disorder for several years
  • Has tried to get his family on board
    • Now, his mom is on board and is healthier!
  • The keto diet really is fuel for your brain 


  • William had a type of eating disorder
  • He was pretty much too obsessed with eating right
    • He was, at this point, a vegan
  • Never had that feeling of satiety 
  • Bad energy
  • Tried lots of different variations of vegan diets
  • Was a vegan from about 17.5 to 21.5
  • His health plummeted 
  • To fix his health, he went STRAIGHT to keto diet
    • Quickly, he started feeling way better
    • He reincorporated red meat, salt, and he ate to satiety!
  • The keto, carniverous diet really made a big difference for him
    • Now he has a healthy relationship with food
    • And, he is healthy