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Mar 25, 2016

: Episode 572 - Marni Kinrys & Kristen Carney from the Ask Women podcast join Vinnie to discuss weight, relationships, and body image.



  • They have a show on Playboy Radio called "Ask Women"
    • Vinnie was on their show recently
  • Their show is largely about men becoming good with the ladies
    • Help men attract women with HONEST advice
      • A lot of Vinnie's callers also ask for help with the ladies
  • Their podcast fills a niche, making it successful
  • Check out Marni's website here



  • A lot of men who are overweight lose weight and think they will be a ladies magnet
    • However, physical is not NEARLY as important to women as men
      • Men need to work on their personalities and who they are as a person instead of obsessing over body image
  • Many people lose the weight, then ask "now what"
    • They want to go back to their old diet but that will put the weight right back on
  • In high school, Kristen struggled with her 'image' as she had a crossed eye and thick glasses
    • She was bullied and had a negative body imagine from the start
      • She changed schools at 17
      • Vinnie relates to this because he was really picked on (he was deaf/speech challenged when he was little and it carried all the way through high school)
  • Marni felt awkward and shy, although she was more outgoing than she gave herself credit for, but she did have to deal with lots of bullying
  • The bullying that the two endured still affects them to an extent although now the two have great self worth
  • Many beautiful women are insecure because they were bullied and brought down when they were younger
  • Both tried to be healthy by eating less and then binge-eating, which actually hurt their weight
    • Going to the gym made them 'bulk up' which caused them to obsess because they wanted to be lean