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Jun 29, 2016

: Episode 627 - Co-host Andy Schreiber joins Vinnie Tortorich this Wednesday on the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast to discuss tonsils, vitamins, Vinnie's upcoming appearance at the Pasadena Icehouse and gender identity.



  • Vinnie is supportive of people making their own decision about their gender identity
  • However, he was just surprised that a child that young could realize their feelings regarding that
  • Andy goes on to explain how that works
    • He just had this instinctual feeling that he was not attracted to girls
      • Didn't have to do with the sexual mechanics 
  • Kids figure this out at their own pace
    • Some kids can figure out what their comfortable identity is at 5, others at 10 or 11 or older
  • Sexual identity is VERY different from something like changing food preference 
  • Vinnie is just wondering where all this was when he was a kid 
    • Andy believes the difference now is children are less shamed and less afraid to share their feelings
  • Caitlyn Jenner has had a role in changing the public's idea of gender identity