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May 24, 2017

: Episode 823 - Vinnie and Andy spend this episode in a bitch session, moaning and whining about how hard their lives are, about CONTENT, and how mean people can be on the Facebook pages (lol).



  • Andy and Vinnie have been traveling together non stop
    • No down time
      • Nice because the company is expanding, but also stressful!
    • Started with India
      • Hopefully PVC will reach India 
    • Just got back from NYC, last weekend was San Fran, two weeks before, Seattle
  • The amount of CONTENT requested has also been off the charts
    • Vinnie has blog posts, Youtube vids, 4.5 podcasts per week, etc. AND ALL FOR FREE!
      • The "free" part is rare
    • Twitter counts as content too
  • The FB page is not run by Vinnie but is independently under his name
    • People seem to fight on that page all the time
    • The message is simple, DON'T EAT SUGAR OR GRAINS
    • Admins try to moderate as much as possible
    • "Is it just me or..." posts are the worst 
  • B12 on the way!