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Jan 25, 2016

Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich host this Monday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast. The two talk about actor bods and "using it or losing it", and John Lee Dumas also makes a guest appearance to discuss The Freedom Journal, entrepreneurship and podcasting. 




  • Vinnie has noticed when he goes on other peoples' podcast, he can say whatever he wants and he gets ignored and the other hosts just move on
  • Always interesting going on different podcasts and seeing different styles
  • Anna has to go on podcasts when her new BOOK comes out!!


  • Podcaster 
  • Runs EntrepreneurOnFire podcast 
  • He had literally 0 broadcasting experience when starting his podcast
  • Has podcaster for the past 1200 days straight 
  • "The Freedom Journal"
    • For everything!! Can inspire you to reach (attainable) goals
    • John is using it to get to his military body weight 
    • Holds you accountable everyday to achieve your goals
  • Always about work ethic and consistency 
    • Gotta create 3 valuable consistent contents 
      • Made podcast, brought in good guests
  • Had a 3-peat guest 7 times, Vinnie wants to be number 8
  • Pencils of Promise 



  • 61 years old, completely ripped out 
  • One of Vinnie's favorite bodies 
    • Scott Glenn is another one
  • Not genetics because his bro does not have the same type of body 
  • To lose weight you have to not eat sugar or grains, but to keep muscle tone you have to use your muscles!!
    • Working out keeps your skin tighter as you lose weight 
    • You have to eat right and also exercise 


  • Vinnie had a little bit of LIL in Mammoth
  • Gonna go back to stricter NSNG because while he enjoyed it, he feels better stricter