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Jan 25, 2019

: Episode 1241 - The absolutely amazing Nina Teicholz joins Vinnie this Friday to talk uncovering the truth about health and fitness, vegan and vegetarian BS, opportunities to change the world, and more in this fascinating podcast.



  • She has been on this show a number of times
  • Why does she do this?
    • It's not about the money
    • Principally, for her, it's about uncovering the truth
    • The lies in health have such a huge, horrible impact
      • Nina wants to get rid of that
    • One of the most important issues to work on
  • Nina is a huge part of Fat Doc


  • There is so much science behind the low carb high fat diet
  • The vegan and vegetarian diet promoters are uninterested in the facts
    • It is ideological to a fault
    • So much PR, but no rigorous evidence behind this 'healthy' diet 
      • Backed by HUGE corporate interests
        • Including 40 of the worlds largest companies
          • Unilever (vegetable oils), BASS (world's largest chemical company), Bayer (drug company - make money from people being sick), many other similar ones
    • Vegans and vegetarians have become the hapless proletariat unknowingly
    • Great analysis by Zoe Harcombe finding that a vegan diet can NOT sustain human life
    • Serious issues with recommending this to the whole diet
  • Our nutrition expert community has to stand up to such BS diets
    • Where is the conscience?
  • How do we stop this movement towards non-evidence based diets?
    • All starts with dietary guidelines for Americans
      • They affect everything
      • Considered 'the gold standard' around the world 
    • Get politically involved with this 
    • We need to get a good committee to change these guidelines
    • Vinnie's going to try to get Sarah Hallberg on this show (and maybe Sonny Perdue)