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Mar 30, 2016

: Episode 575- Vinnie Tortorich and Andy Schreiber discuss Serena Scott Thomas's ultrarunning, explain white labeling and how it relates to Pure Vitamin Club, and do some planning for the upcoming LA NSNG Meetup on this Wednesday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer Podcast.



  • Vinnie ran on an 8.5 mile week day run with Ultra-Serena
  • Vinnie has a great time running with Serena  
  • Vinnie prefers to run behind Serena
  • Serena is running all the time
    • Has become obsessed with running
  • Serena will be running the Badwater Salton Sea race where she and Tony will be running ~ 85 miles 
  • Many people are barefoot ultra runners / better runners with lower heels
  • The other day Serena ran ~30 miles in the mountains while it was raining 
  • Serena is so well fat adapted that she hardly eats anything on her runs
    • Brings water, cheese, nuts, and maybe a couple olives
      • Doesn't even eat it all


  • Many vitamin companies these days do what is called "white-labeling"
  • They buy the SAME vitamins from a general manufacturer and just slap their own label on it
    • Same thing sold under a hundred different brand names
  • Happens with skin doctors a lot in Beverly Hills
    • All of their lotions are the EXACT same thing and none of them came up with it
    • The manufacturers make boat loads! 
  • Pure Vitamin Club does NOT fall under this category
    • We actually formulated our own, special, affordable vitamins!


  • Last year, the team and the Beauchamp brothers organized a meet-up in LA
  • There were community dinners, community podcast sessions, and hikes to go on
  • This year we will be having it again for a small fee
    • We want to keep it affordable!
      • Number will be around $200-300
        • Hopefully on the lower side if more people show up 
  • Clear your calendars for the end of June
  • Vinnie has to charge to keep the train moving down the tracks
    • We are not trying to profit, just trying to keep the NSNG brand, PVC, and this podcast going!