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Nov 28, 2015

Welcome to the Saturday edition of the Angriest Trainer podcast, where Vinnie Tortorich speaks with listener Kory Seder.



  • The cost of keeping them up was breaking Vinnie's bank
  • However, for a small fee ($2/month), you can go download them and listen to close to 500 episodes


  • Started listening around episode 10  
    • He gets something out of every show -- whether its knowledge or a laugh 
  • Type 1 diabetic -- diagnosed three years ago at the age of 33
  • He looks young because he eats sugars and grains!
  • Tried to grow out a beard to look older, nixed it
  • Switched from water to gatorade during an Ironman when he lost the cap to his gatorade and initially thought he was going to bonk, but didn't
    • He then realized after a bike time trial where he had a lot of sugar, sugar bad him feel really bad
      • Went to doctor, diabetes 
        • Initially diagnosed with type 2
          • Finally saw an endocrinologist who correctly diagnosed him with type 1 


  • Kory had to fight to get an expert to see him
  • He knew what was wrong but was ignored until he pestered enough