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Mar 31, 2018

: Episode 1027 - Listener Necia McQueen and her kids join Vinnie this Saturday to discuss trivial integrative medicine, veganism, and more.



  • Necia's kids are also on this podcast
  • They listen to the podcasts as well!
  • Not related to Steve McQueen


  • Necia went to a new doctor
  • He is an MD
  • Integrates traditional medicine with holistic medicine
  • The guy gave her a book called How Not to Die at her check up
  • She had already been following for NSNG for over a year
  • She followed up with the doctor who responded senselessly
    • Necia went back for a blood panel because she was interested in what he would say 
      • He first asked about what she ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
        • He immediately attacked her -- NO EGGS blah blah
      • The doctor actually raised his voice with her about vegan IronMans
        • There are only like three of them, and they don't always look particularly healthy
      • Doctor said meat consumption causes the release of endotoxins
        • This is what made Necia email Vinnie
    • She's healthier even though she eats lots of eggs and the like
  • Vegan propaganda