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Feb 22, 2019

: Episode 1261 - Vinnie Tortorich talks with Gillian Szollos this Friday, and the two discuss treating epilepsy with a ketogenic diet, cutting out sugar to prevent the return of cancer, lipedema, her diet, exercise, and more on this fantastic show.



  • She is located in Canada
  • Vinnie and Serena met her through Ross Taylor (F-Bomb guy)
  • Presents at many conferences and conventions - lots of public speaking
  • She has epilepsy and treats it with a ketogenic diet
  • Had seizures as a child but subsided until she was about 44
    • Gillian will be 50 this year
    • Was up to 130 seizures a month
  • Suffered from seizures like the ones that they show in movies, and from other kinds, too
    • Gillian encourages everyone to go online and learn what different seizures look like 
  • About 50% of people can get seizure freedom from medication 
    • This was not the case for Gillian
  • Her neurologist told her keto diets only worked for kids - said she could try, but didn't think it would work
    • She proved him wrong
  • Keto diet is an incredible option for many who suffer from seizures 
    • Better outcome than any single anti-epileptic drug out there, period.
  • Before she started keto, she was also morbidly obese
    • 270 lbs at 5'7"
      • She's lost over 100 lbs, no longer has to take medicine for arthritis
      • Also suffers from lipedema - she was told she could not lose weight
  • Keto treats lipedema in an amazing way
    • Need to get under 5g a carb a day
      • Normally, she's around 25g of carbs a day
  • Vast majority of the time she eats 2 meals a day and does lots of exercise
    • Protein (50-70g a day), green leafy veggies, some cheese and a type of fat (loves lard and olive oil)
      • Try lard and hot sauce with a steak!
  • Exercise makes a difference on your bones, too!