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Mar 27, 2019

: Episode 1285 - On this throwback episode from last year, Vinnie and Andy talk Tallulah Bankhead stories, the origin of sugar in the US, and Vinnie's kayak trip which has now transformed into hiking Mont Blanc on this Wednesday episode.



  • Tallulah, Louisiana was home to a lot of sugar
    • Vinnie's conspiracy theory: the Confederacy lost because their soldiers were hopped up on sugar
  • Louisiana makes TONS of sugar
  • Hawaii does, too
  • US Sugar Cane Production by State:
    • #1 - Florida
    • #2 - Lousiana
    • #3 - Hawaii (distant 3rd)
    • #4 - Texas
  • Sugar grows in swampy, wet areas
  • Louisiana also grows lots of crawfish, and they're DELICIOUS
  • We will be talking about the history of sugar some in the Fat Doc 


  • Vinnie has had to postpone his major trip because his shoulder is taking longer to come around
  • Stellar Kayaks has been incredibly generous in providing kayaks
  • Vinnie WILL make this happen because he wants it so badly
  • Just a matter of "when?"
  • Vinnie has found hiking/climbing has been better while his shoulder to continues to recover
  • While he will still make this trip eventually, he has his sights set on Mont Blanc for this summer