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Jun 30, 2018

: Episode 1092 - The McGuires join Vinnie this Saturday and discuss their amazing weight-loss and health journey, the truth behind fat and sugar, and more!



  • Mike was already really interested in figuring out why fat was so bad
  • He couldn't really find anything
    • Except for crappy studies funded by sugar and grain industries
  • Mike found Vinnie talking about this truth on the Adam Carolla show


  • They ate really badly before getting married
  • When they got engaged, Maria took a diet pill but it wasn't super healthy
    • She did lose weight
  • She gained a ton of weight when she went back to work after having a baby
  • She got up to about 220
  • Eventually she heard a podcast about how awful cereal was
    • This was her first change 
  • She learned to cook, learned to drink coffee, too
    • Eat Happy is the best!
  • Maria now weights about 130
    • Almost 100 pounds
    • Now she's at a great weight!
  • Mike started thinner, but still started eating this way and is much healthier now
  • It's now harder for them to eat crap than to eat healthily
  • They love leftovers now, too!