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May 28, 2016

: Episode 609 - Aaron Weinbaum joins Vinnie Tortorich on this Saturday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast to talk about the ways in which the mirror lies, and to discuss Aaron's journey after his neck surgery.



  • Avid listener
    • Found Vinnie after he put on about 30lbs after neck surgery
    • On the first Adam & Drew show Vinnie was on
    • The mirror can lie
  • Vinnie has been on his show: Aaron Says WHAT??
  • Check out his website here


  • We make excuses for ourselves
  • It is also hard to see really what you look like from just a glance in the mirror
  • Vinnie would only see himself pecks up, didn't realize when he was in his 20s that he had a gut 
  • Conversely, the mirror can also make some people look fatter than they really are
    • Depends on how you see yourself; very subjective
  • Aaron started walking a lot to try to drop the weight 
  • He ended up cycling a lot 
    • Gets in his Zone 2 pretty quickly 
  • Aaron plateaued for awhile, but once he could increase his workouts, he started putting on more muscle mass 
    • He has to be really careful when putting on muscle mass to not put on fat
  • He still has a ways to go, but every day is forward progress
    • Aaron thinks of weight loss/staying in shape as a 'game'
      • That is his motivation