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May 26, 2018

: Episode 1067 - On this special Saturday show, the lovely, beautiful, and smart Serena Scott Thomas joins Vinnie, and the two discuss the Indiegogo campaign for the upcoming Fat Doc, Dr. Gary Fettke, fashion, veganism, and more!



  • Check out the campaign for the upcoming Fat Doc here!
  • As of this podcast's posting, we have raised just around $112,000!
  • We are 75% to our goal
  • We need to raise the remaining $38,000 in the next 13 days
  • This is truly a team/group effort!
  • Vinnie and Serena also hosted a FB Live Video when they recorded this podcast
  • This will be the LAST documentary on Fat you ever need to watch
  • Dr. Fettke is another one of the amazing doctors who is onboard!
    • He will be part of this doc
    • The couple also generously donated quite a large sum
    • Dr. Fettke got tired of chopping off limbs of those with Type 2 Diabetes
      • He got sick of it and successfully began prescribing a LCHF diet
        • People became way healthier, however the Tasmanian doctor board still persecuted him
        • He has fought this and has many supporters, including many of his patients
  • Vinnie wants everyone on this doc, including people from the opposite side like the vegans who are anti-egg, anti-fat, etc.
  • Check out our newest referral program
    • If you share enough using your Indiegogo account and your friends do contribute, you will win some free consults with Vinnie