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May 28, 2018

: Episode 1069 - Anna Vocino joins Vinnie Tortorich this Monday, and the two talk razors in shoes, living & working in LA, the amazing support for the upcoming Fat Doc, why we keep repeating ourselves about this campaign, creeps in the gym, summer bods, and more.



  • We have had amazing support thus far
  • However, we still have to raise 30k in the next ten days!
    • We are over 77% of the way there!!!
  • We may be adding some Eat Happy perks
  • If we get the money, we will not be asking at all any more for money
  • Money will be coming out of our pockets for this
  • We keep repeating ourselves because we've learned repition is important
  • For example, tens of people ask the same questions on the FB page every day because they don't always see that day's previous post
  • Just like we conitnue to answer those questions, we continue to campaign for this film because we want to make sure everyone knows about it!
  • We truly want this to be the best doc about health and fat out there, and we want your help


  • There is a guy at Vinnie's 24 hour fitness who is super creepy
  • It appears he keeps filming other men in the locker room
  • The gym has had complaints before, or so it seems
  • They haven't done anything about it yet
  • This is unacceptable!


  • Some people trying to achieve good bods in time for summer
  • Many were doing a 60 day no LIL challenge
    • This is a great idea
    • Break your bad habits and look better in the process
  • Tweak your diet a little if you're stalling, and make sure you aren't lying to yourself about what you're eating and drinking
  • Scheduling a consult with Vinnie is a great way to help break that plateau