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Aug 31, 2018

: Episode 1136 - The esteemed Nina Teicholz joins Vinnie for the third time on this Friday show. The two talk her participation in the Fat Doc, the "come-from-behind" story



  • Nina is one of Vinnie's favorite people
  • She is a top luminary in the field
  • Male version of her is Gary Taubes
  • She's been interviewed for the Fat Doc
    • Actually took time off of her family vacation to shoot her part in Vinnie's living room
  • An author of many books 
    • Find them in Vinnie's book club


  • Nina wrote a book on this - check it out here
  • Since the 1960s, people have been following the advice not to eat sat fats
  • In the last 50 years, scientists have looked at this data
    • There have been tons of meta analyses that show that even this data is BS
    • Not linked to your risk of heart disease or heart attack
  • Yes, they may raise LDL but that's not inherently bad
  • Many Harvard studies funded by vegetable oil industry --> biased
  • Coconut oil is NOT BAD for you
    • In fact, it is good!
    • Entered US market in the 50s
    • Soybean and other vegetable oil corporations were angry about this
      • A stunt to keep out foreign competition
      • Case to be made that the sat fat lies are due to a trade war
    • Good to use in manufacturing and don't cause inflammation like many others do!
  • It's awful because this trade war has made so many unhealthy 
  • Many who have decided these are bad for you find they can't go back on it because of the psychology of going against your life's work
    • Effort to shore Ancel Keys' work up in an effort to make themselves feel better
  • Studies also use too small a sample size for those who are low carb
  • If people are still fat after 60 years of following these dietary guidelines, maybe it's the guidelines that are the problem