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Aug 26, 2018

: Episode 1133 - Tallulah joins Vinnie on this Sunday School episode to talk responsible drinking, the wonders of Crowd Cow, and weird family dynamics.



  • First of all, you should not drink until it is legal!
  • Vinnie DOES NOT condone underage drinking
  • However, it is a reality
  • Tallulah got really sick the first time she drank in high school
  • You have to learn how to drink
    • DO NOT drink a lot your first few times
  • Your body can handle alcohol a bit better when you're older
  • NEVER drink and drive EVER
    • NEVER let someone who has been drinking drive you
      • Try not to let them drive, if possible
  • If you are in high school and drink, call your parents to pick you up -- this is always the right thing to do and they'll appreciate that you called
  • Drinking too much just makes you look foolish
    • It's embarassing, NOT fun, to get too drunk
  • Consent also becomes an issue when people are drunk
    • Whether only one person is drunk, or both are, the lines are still blurry and its best to wait until both parties are sober before doing anything that requires consent