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Jan 27, 2016

Andy Schreiber and Vinnie Tortorich host this Monday edition of the Celebrity Fitness Trainer podcast. They discuss New Years' resolutions, PVC, putting life into living, and how one must be careful to not throw oneself off track completely. 


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  • Enjoy a piece of cake every once and awhile
  • Just don't use this as an excuse to change your lifestyle!
  • You can have a "cheat" day every once in awhile, but this implies dietary restrictions beyond sugars and grains and can take people off the tracks
    • After a cheat day, you will wake up bloated, starving, and wanting to cheat more
      • Must be careful!
      • Eventually, you get over it. Then you have a good day or even a few, but then it's your cheat day again and then you start all over. That is why you must be careful with having too many cheat days.
    • Having a "cheat" day once a week can be a slippery slope
    • That is why we say "Life into Living" instead
      • It isn't a permission slip for a day, rather than maybe just ONE slice of cake every once in awhile