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Oct 31, 2016

: Episode 697 - Vinnie & Anna talk about 80's muscle pants, emotional eating, intentional eating, Vinnie's mom and more.



  • These sort of baggy pants to work out in from the '80s
  • Have the muscle tees as well
    • Just covering nips
  • Complete ridiculousness
  • Nowadays, companies like LuluLemon are making see through riding pantsimages


  • The same as compulsive eating
  • Vinnie has so many clients and callers who deal with this
  • When you are feeling down, it is so much easier to break NSNG
  • Anna personally dealt with this
  • Everyone can fall into this category at some point
  • Emotional eating is part of the addiction
    • Easier to give in to sugar/grain addiction when you already feel bad 
  • Sometimes, stress makes it so that eating junk food is just more convenient
  • Sometimes you don't even realize how much you emotionally eat
    • You find, when you do NSNG, that you recognize these problems
  • The issue is, when you eat emotionally, you are working against yourself
    • Eating crap will actually make you physically feel even crappier
    • You will also find that you realize you need to deal with certain emotions
      • Helps you heal the issues when you can recognize them 
  • Eating consciously and keeping track of what you put in your mouth is a key
  • A form of emotional eating is even when you are in a group and want a beer
    • Don't give into that peer pressure or "normality" of it
      • Ex: men during football season 
  • Don't find yourself using the power of reasoning
    • For example:
      • I had a good day, I deserve some Ice Cream
      • I had a bad day, I deserve some Ice Cream