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Jul 27, 2018

: Episode 1111 - Dr. Carrie Diulus, a vegan doctor, joins Vinnie today to discuss her work as a spine surgeon, low carb veganism, and more on this Friday show!



  • Dr. Carrie is a orthopedic spine surgeon
  • However, she takes a holistic approach
  • Doesn't just operate and be done with patients
  • She advises them on healthy lifestyles, how to stay healthy, keep inflammation down, etc.
  • Arthritis and other spinal issues can be metabolic diseases (when they result from diet)
    • Like diabetes of the spine
  • Sports and adult degenerative practice primarily 
  • She is herself a Type 1 diabetic
    • Uses ketogenic veganism and insulin management tactice to keep it under control 
  • A duathlete
    • Hurt herself on a treadmill, helped her get into orthopedic work
  • She never really liked meat
    • Her mom also was vegan, but now eats meat and is essentially NSNG


  • Dr. Carrie is a rare vegan doctor who does believe in the benefits of a low carb diet
  • Low carb veganism is totally possible!!!
  • This is how Dr. Diulus found her edge before she crossed a line too far one way or the other
  • Avoid inflammatory food with low carbs
  • When Carrie did CICO and plant-based food, she lost a lot of her hair
    • She initially reintroduced both meat and was eating low carb and her hair was back and she was healthy again
    • Now, she has incorporated low-carb into her veganism and it works great for her! Especially managing her Type 1
      • ADA didn't work so she went back to low-carb
  • Body burning ketones as fuel - this is great!
    • Incredibly important inflammatory