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Jan 29, 2016

Kay Lynne Cox and Larry Diamond join Vinnie Tortorich on this Friday episode of the Angriest Trainer podcast to discuss the art of writing, and losing fat on a low carb high fat ketogenic diet.  



  • Being a voracious reader can really help one become a better writer
    • Reading is an important part of anyone's life 
  • Vinnie had to read a lot when he was younger, and loved it
    • His mother was a hands-on librarian 
  • Vinnie got so much motivation from books 
  • Check out Larry's article about losing weight here 


  • Both had incredible weight loss journeys on a LCHF diet
  • Liked what Tim Noakes had to say 
  • Examined his own beliefs that had been imposed upon him by media and government
    • Researched why we ever thought sat fats and fats like olive oil are bad
      • Couldn't find any evidence supporting that fat was bad
  • At first, Kay Lynne thought "I'll believe it when I see it"
    • This ACTUALLY worked though!
    • nothing before this was sustainable
    • She at first watched Larry lose weight
      • It took her awhile to accept what she was giving up, but eventually she made the decision to try it for 3 weeks
        • She realized it was the right move 
          • After this she never looked back
  • Their daughter influenced them greatly 
  • Memory issues ran in the family -- the two wanted to avoid their currently 2 year old adopted daughter having to take care of them