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Aug 27, 2016

: Episode 661 - Fitness Confidential fan Kristi is winning at NSNG but is concerned because she seems to be losing inches but not weight...



  • Found Vinnie on Mark in the Morning with Gina Grad
    • Followed Gina's progress and looked into NSNG
  • Read Vinnie's book, Fitness Confidential, and found it made sense and began NSNG
  • Started just about a month ago
  • Suffered a bad concussion back in April, was told to cut out sugar and caffeine
  • Started eating meat when she started NSNG
  • Loves reading about nutrition but has trouble with convoluting information
  • Wants to lose about 25 lbs 


  • Kristi has lost some girth both in her waist and arms
    • Her seat belts are a little looser
  • Hasn't lost a pound
  • Body has not been used to some of these nutrients due to veganism
    • Her body is likely grabbing at the nutrients it is newly receiving 
  • She also definitely feels less hungry in general eating this way 
  • She is eating about 400-600 more calories a day, and not gaining weight, but losing inches
    • This is a win!!!
  • Keep on it and lbs will start to come off
  • Be happy with the results you have at first, even if they are not immediately weight loss
    • Feeling better and eating more without gaining weight is a win
  • Vinnie advises Kristi to cut back slightly on the fat, add a bit more proteins and such and the weight will come off