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Dec 29, 2018

: Episode 1222 - Molly and Angela join Vinnie this Saturday to discuss their podcast, Live HAPPIER Longer, five daily actions for a better life, self-help and more!



  • Two beautiful women on this show today!
  • Molly Watts and Angela McDade
  • Have their own podcast
  • Live HAPPIER Longer Podcast
  • Vinnie was on that show and wanted these wonderful, positive people on this show
  • They started a company called Five For Life
    • Five easy actions to live a better life
    • Move, Learn, Share, Give, Let Go
      • Being active incredibly important - whatever that means for you
        • Do a little more each day
      • Keep on learning - helps your cognitive function
        • You are NEVER too old to learn
        • Create a more positive mindset around aging
      • Make sure to share yourself with your friends - be social, keep connecting
        • Keep active with your family, community, etc.
        • Particularly important as you age
      • Expressing gratitude incredibly important
        • Very good for brain health, dopamine levels
      • Holding a grudge is not good for you
  • Check out their planner on their site here to help keep track of these daily acts
  • All about really living in life
  • Overall, a fantastic self-help podcast meant to really improve your life
    • Check it out!!!