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Sep 24, 2018

: Episode 1154 - Vinnie Tortorich, Serena Scott Thomas, Andy Schreiber, and of course, Anna Vocino, host this Monday show LIVE from Seattle at the recent NSNG Meat-Up! Many of the folks attending share their own NSNG stories.



  • Technically, it was outside of Seattle
  • Lots of old NSNGers like Jackie Jones were there and shared!
  • Everyone brought amazing NSNG dishes
  • Abram and his daughter joined the gang
    • His daughter, Grace, shared her and her dad's amazing stories 
  • Robert Stanton also tells his story
    • He died but came back to life
    • Knew he needed a change 
    • Really was "fat, sick and nearly dead"
    • Almost at 200lbs lost!
  • Stuart Blocher has last nearly 90 lbs
    • He travels for a living so NSNG started tough, but now is easy and worth it
    • Stuart brought his mom!
  • Barbara the nurse shares her NSNG story
    • She went to school for health, but hardly learned anything about nutrition
    • Her personal physician is all on board!
  • Sandy and Luke join the crew as well
  • Many tell stories about how their families have come around to it or introduced them to it
  • Thousands of pounds lost at this meet up!
  • People look a lot younger, too, after their weight loss


  • This trailer has over 36,000 views
  • But, it's so important we get even more views!
  • We want to get it up towards 100,000
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  • See it below or at this link