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Feb 22, 2017

: Episode 764 - Vinnie & Andy answer Twitter questions about Zevia sodas, LaCroix sparkling water, stevia in general, sawdust in pre-shredded mozzarella and more...



  • LaCroix is a safe carbonated water
    • It will not harm you
    • Tons of flavors
    • Can buy at stores or more in bulk online
  • Zevia is full of crap
    • "No sugar, no artificial sweeteners"
    • The first ingredient after water is an artificial sweetener 
      • Technically you can say erythritol is a sugar alcohol
        • Acts the same as an artificial sweetener
  • Natural Stevia extract is the least evil, but STILL bad
    • It will keep up your cravings and feed your addiction
  • Also, sugar is sugar
    • Brown sugar is no better than cane sugar, etc.
  • Lemon oil, tequila, and soda stream is another good option
    • Any citrus oil is pretty good
    • Citrus rind is also an option