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Feb 23, 2019

: Episode 1262 - Meagan Hawkes joins Vinnie this Saturday to discuss her consult, the Seattle Meet-Up, keeping diabetes away (Type 2) with NSNG®, and more on this podcast.



  • Meagan has done a consult with Vinnie
  • Super helpful
  • She also helped set up the Seattle (Renton) Meet-Up with Jackie Jones and met Vinnie there
    • Everyone was at this meet-up, it was great!
    • Andy, Serena, Andy and Loren
    • Really encouraging and reaffirming to meet people who live and eat the same way every day
  • Started fully Jan 3rd of 2017!
  • A1C was 7.6 when she started, and now it is 5.1!
    • Diabetic-free now just from food (Type 2)
  • Lost 115 lbs in two years
  • Totally enjoying life which she wasn't totally before
    • Hiking, being outside, super confident in herself
  • She has older kids